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26 August 1987
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My really good friend Lauren has an amazing blog with Gluten Free/Low Carb Recipes which she created herself. I love fried foods and everything thats an artery clogger, her recipes are simple junk foods turned into the healthy version and most taste better than the real thing, CHECK HER OUT!!!


<3Hey Ya'll,

My names Vanessa, I have my Emergency Medicine Technician program and have my national certification, and LOVE IT. Now im just waiting for the county to start hiring again due to the falling economy. Ive been working for Lee Memorial Health systems since Aug '05 flopping through different departments. Im recently single and loving it. Met an incredible guy, have a feeling this is going to be a great thing.


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My 21st birthday, sitting at donielles.

My 17th birthday.

Disney 2008

gimme a kiss baby!!

nice kitty!!!

Its true i can do it.

This is my warning when people park in front of my house.

The Graduating class of 2005, Vocal Dept.

my best friend andrea

my secret boyfriend...

i love dexter, and i advise everyone to watch it.
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